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Child Support

There are times when an ex-husband or baby father does not want to pay child support for various reasons. We have successfully investigated these men and, sometimes women who do not want to fulfil their obligations. In many of these cases the individuals claim that they do not work and have no financial resources to pay.
Utilizing various tactics such as decoys who ferret out information from the ex, we develop a financial profile which can be used in court.

Pre-Judgement Asset

There are lawsuits that require due diligence before going to court. It pays to look into a defendants assets before the judgement is granted so you can attach them immediately.

Foreign Bank Accounts

We have access to international bank accounts. In many cases the subject of the investigation might have dual passports or has business contacts with a foreign nation and hides his assets in a foreign bank. We have the means utilizing our far reaching contacts to locate these accounts

Investment Accounts

We have been successful in locating investment and brokerage accounts, stocks , 401K’s and safety deposit boxes. many companies and individuals will hide money with these types of accounts.

Bankruptcy Fraud

When individuals and companies file for bankruptcy usually they are in financial distress, but, there are many cases where the filing for bankruptcy is a sham.
We have destroyed many bankruptcies by rooting out the false claims by analyzing the filing and diligently take apart the petition and proving each entry is a fraud

Insurance Fraud

Everyone has been a victim of insurance fraud, we pay for it in our increased premiums. We have solved many fraud cases using trained and licensed investigators to follow and photograph fraudsters who claim they are hurt but, are faking their injuries to collect money. Many individual small companies hire us to prove that the injured party is committing a fraud.

Hidden Assets

Hidden assets are anything with an intrinsic value such as property, cars, watercraft, estates and plaintiff actions where a judgment if won can bring in large amount of money. An annuity or pension account might be considered an asset.

Bank Accounts

When a client needs a bank account searched, we locate banks in the State and Nationally.
We use old tried and true methods and latest technology.