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About Vinny Parco

For over 40 years, Vinny has been one of the nation's top private investigators. His work has been featured on CNN, in the New York Post, and other media outlets

- Former Law Enforcement
- Private Investigator 40 years
- Award from NY Office FBI

Vincent prides himself on his ability to get anything on anybody. For decades, Vincent Parco has been the name clients have relied on when discretion, confidentiality, and resolution are absolutely necessary. Some of the most unusual and difficult cases in the world come through our door, and with a 99% success rate.

Published Writer

Vinny Parco has Over 40 years experience as a private investigator and has written numerous books on the subject, including: ,"How to Catch him With his pants down and Kick Him in his Assets", "How to find Anything on Anyone using Public Records", "How to Be your own Private Eye".

Mission Statement

"It’s about money, the root of all evil. It is also the root of lawsuits and most lawsuits are about money. We are here to find the roots." - Vinny Parco

Vinny Parco has been featured in various media outlets

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